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I am looking for talented quilters to test my upcoming patterns, so I can get your feedback on the instructions and the quilt.  It is with your help that I can make my patterns the best they can be! If you are interested in becoming a pattern tester, please read on below and then fill out the application to be added to my list of testers.


  • When you apply to test, you’ll be added to my pattern tester list. 

  • When I have a pattern ready for testing, I will contact 4-6 people from the list and invite them to test.  I’ll provide general details, including a quilt mock-up, dates, and deadlines. This will help you decide if you want to join the test. 

  • You will receive the pattern and additional details via email. Pattern tests typically run 4-6 weeks, and you will send in your feedback and photos of your quilt top at the end of the test.


  1. Must have quilting/sewing experience and be able to read a quilting pattern.

  2. All patterns to be tested are written in English and use standard US terms.

  3. Must follow the instructions as given in the pattern without making any alterations.

  4. Must give suggestions and constructive feedback.  Please communicate any errors including pattern instructions, measurements, spelling, grammar,  punctuation, etc.  Don’t be afraid to be honest and give your input.

  5. Must respond to any emails or discussions within 24 hours.

  6. Must be able to take good quality photos of progress and finished quilt top. You do not have to be a professional photographer, but you need to have an idea of what makes a picture look good. These photos may be used on my website and social media as examples of the finished quilt.

  7. If any additional skills are needed, they will be included in the pattern testing information sent out in the email.


  • A PDF version of the final pattern once it's released.

  • A small gift will be sent as a thank you for generously using your time and materials to test my pattern. You will be asked to supply your mailing address.

  • 25% off Long Arm services for your pattern tested top.

  • Pattern Testers will not be paid.

  • Fabric and other supplies used to finish the pattern will be at the tester’s expense.

  • The tester will be allowed to sell their completed quilt made from the pattern if desired. I only require credit as the pattern designer.

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