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Inspiration Part 2

I want to continue on the inspiration journey this week because I feel by immersing myself into sewing every day, it is continually inspiring me. My need to create is so strong right now. The more creativity and inspiration I have, the more that comes. Setting goals to finish some UFO quilts this summer, and reaching those goals has given me a huge sense of accomplishment. I have completed the quilts on my list and completed even more! I am on a roll. The excitement of upcoming projects, meeting with new clients, putting out new products and applying to craft shows is fueling my creative fire. Weather, I think, is also playing an important factor. I am one who thrives in sunlight and warmth. We spend our summers at our cabin in the Sierras to escape the coastal gloom, so the sunlight and warm weather are a huge motivation for me. Also, with nature all around...trees, birds, deer, wildflowers...I am in constant amazement. I have been feeling a strong sense of connection to the environment lately and I have some new products coming out to reflect that feeling. I think it is all due to my flock of chickens that I got during Covid, but that's another story! Where are you in your inspiration journey? I know it's hard get into if mental health, weather or life is just getting in the way. Stay strong. Stay creative. It will come. And if you're deep into a creative wave like me right now, just stay on that board and keep riding it!

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