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The last couple of weeks I have been so full of inspiration. That got me thinking, where does inspiration come from. "Inspiration comes from within and is very much its own reward. Although inspiration is associated with creative insight, creativity also involves the realization of that insight—which requires opportunity, means, and above all, effort." I found that on It is inspiration that keeps me going in my own creativity. Creating one quilt, inspires me to create another. The next quilt uses the most beautiful fabric, which sparks another idea. My best friend telling me she bought beeswax pellets and wants to make wraps. Then we finally made the wraps and that inspired me to make more. Making the wraps spoke to my need to be sustainable, protect the environment, protect the animals. As you can see, it can go on an on. Continually being inspired has motivated me to create new products, design new quilts, apply to craft fairs and just put myself out there. It makes me want to learn and grow everyday and share my creativity with the world. It is so important to go where your inspiration takes you. Challenge yourself and let your creativity run free. Where has your inspiration taken you?

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