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Let's talk about UFO's. No, I am not talking aliens here...I am talking about all the projects we start and then don't quite finish. Everytime you look at them, the thought "oh yeah! I need to finish that quilt!" goes through your head. Why don't we finish them? Well the list can go on. I got bored. I was distracted by some new fabric I bought. A client project moved up the priority list. It truly is a miracle any of us actually finish a quilt. But we do. So how do you handle not letting too many UFO's accumulate? Set goals. Even just a small one. I have quite a few UFO's in my stack. At the beginning of the year, I decided, I was going to set the goal of finishing one of them before 2023. Yes, just one! And I did it. I was able to work on it in between client projects and other quilts I had in process. When I finished it, I felt so accomplished! I can't wait to get my Slow & Steady quilt on the long arm and get her completely finished.

Now that I know I can do it, I am excited to set goals for other projects and knock a few more UFO's off my list. I have so many beautiful quilts, I can't wait to share them with the world.

Another way to keep track of all your quilts in progress is to use a project management program. This is something I have felt in need of recently as I have more client projects on my plate (a good problem to have!). I just started using ClickUp a couple days ago. Check back on my blog when I touch a little bit more on project management.

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